Dear Sister Charlotte


Two weeks ago I attended “Dear Sister Charlotte,” an event curated by Jamie Miller (founder of The 518 Group). Dear Sister Charlotte was a midday-brunch which featured several successful female entrepreneurs from the city and other surrounding areas. There were also local business vendors and spoken word entertainment at the brunch. The exciting event was hosted by Ms. Jessica of WPEG Power 98 at Draught in Charlotte. The ambience of the event was very intimate, inviting  and chic!  Jamie stated that Dear Sister was four years in the making; her goal was to create an event that would benefit women.

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Amy Nicole of The Double Scoop

I was able to interview several of the guest speakers; the women all came from very diverse business backgrounds. Each speaker shared their personal story about becoming an entrepreneur and gave great advice on how to build a successful business and brand. The speakers included: Marsha Barnes(Owner of the Finance Bar), Katie Loveluck(Co-Founder of Charlotte Agenda), Melissa Chanel(Blogger/Natural Hair Ambassador), Amber Craig(Owner of Craig Insurance Group & Small Cakes Carolinas), Chianti Lomax(Millennial Trainer/Happy Curator), and Chrysten Crockett (NASM Certified Trainer).

I had a great time covering the event and I learned a lot of important and valuable information regarding entrepreneurship and keys to success. “Dear Sister” was the perfect title for such an inspirational and uplifting event geared towards women.  Jamie mentioned that Dear Sister would soon become an annual event!

Check out some of the event footage below:


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