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When I listened to Father Poet’s first solo album Magenta, I was surprised that at only 19 years old he was the mastermind behind the project. The album shows an artist that isn’t afraid to be transparent and open about being flawed, broken, hurt and empty. He put all of those emotions into his lyrics. The album was dark but from his standpoint I’m sure it was therapeutic. Poet’s creativity shows from his choice of the album’s title to how the title translates into each track. There is even a creative aspect to his name “Father Poet” which stems from a rough childhood, the absence of his mother in his life for several years, not knowing his biological father, and finding out he was adopted at the age of 17. The Decatur, Georgia native who is  a part of an Atlanta music group called IMG says he has been a creative spirit and artist his entire life. He started writing music at the very young age of 9 and at 14 he was recording. I caught up with him for an interview last month. Check it out below.

AE: How would you describe your music?
FP: I’d describe my music as a raw melodic new innovative truth that’s able to be digested by my audience. I have no boundaries.

AE: In a lot of the tracks on Magenta you talk about being broken, avoiding love, and using drugs as an escape. Was this album your way of expressing that or is there another meaning?
FP: Love is a drug itself, love is a need for something that hurts you. Love = Drug. Everyone is addicted or needs something in this unnatural world and majority of those people really are searching for a high that you can only find in love’s essence .

AE: Why did you decide to name your album Magenta?
FP: With me being aware of how colors produce feelings. Magenta was a reflection of my fear inside of loving another person. I felt like the color magenta reflected love and how I felt about the concept of love .

AE: How do you feel about the state of rap music today?
FP: I feel like music is becoming more commercial and tunnel visioned but as the people open their eyes more and more each day, it’s giving artists in music who are displaying real emotions and real innovative ideas by using vibration and sound a chance to be heard more effectively and to make change

AE: What do you feel like you’re bringing to music?
FP: I’m bringing something different ,creating new sound, new energy and sparking new ideas in this new generation of divine souls

AE: Are you working on any new projects?
FP: Yes I have my next major project titled New Growth coming in the summer and a small four song EP releasing this February titled “Talking Is Outdated” speaking on how to accept self.

List to Magenta here.
Catch up with Poet here.


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