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About a month ago while scrolling through Instagram I came across a young artist’s page from Atlanta named Naomi The Goddess. She had one of those rare, distinct and mesmerizing voices that you couldn’t help but to stop and listen to, so I immediately reached out to her to see if she would be interested in being a guest on our music podcast. When we finally met in person I learned that she was a part of a talented group called IMG which stands for “Instrumentalist Music Group.” They are definitely not your average music group and it’s apparent when you listen to the lyrics in their music; they’re on a mission to spread a message.

The members of the group are T.R.3, Naomi The Goddess, The.Poet, A-B The Prophet, Hipstar, P4trone, JanuaryHigh, Lazaria, FrankDex, and Bankhead. The group of friends are all individual artists and songwriters who with the exception of a few met in high school.

I caught up with Naomi and TR3 for a quick interview to get more information about IMG. Check it out below.

Ashley E: When did IMG get started?

TR3: The group got started the summer of 2012, it was junior year of high school. I had been making music on my own for a while but it turned serious around senior year.

Ashley E: I listened to some of yall’s music and just by the lyrics alone I can see that you guys are a conscious group in terms of the messages that you’re putting out. How would you describe your music?

TR3: I don’t want to put us in the same box as just conscious because I feel conscious nowadays is being taken the wrong way. We consider ourselves to be “truthers” because we’re trying to spread knowledge. Knowledge is key.

Ashley E: How do you feel about a lot of the mainstream music that’s out?

TR3: I feel like artists are crying out for help, subliminally telling us about the evils that are out there.

Ashley E: Would you say you’ve always been a “truther?”

Naomi: I’ve always been open minded and a person who thought outside of the box but I would say just in the past couple of months have I really awakened in a sense and started researching and seeking information.

TR3: I’ve always been different even back in middle school. I was called crazy and kind of stuck to myself but I’ve always been a seeker.

Ashley E: How would you describe IMG in a few words?

Naomi: Very aware and grimy.

TR3: Very raw and uncut yet we justify being raw and uncut and we say it with substance.

Check out the group’s work here and check out our interview with Naomi and her performance on the Inspire Magazine music podcast here.

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