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Small World Trilogy

Small World Trilogy

I think most people can relate to the struggle of working hard to provide a better life for yourself while encountering challenges that hinder you along your path to success.

“Small World Trilogy” is a three part urban fiction novel that focuses on a young man named Chief who is determined to escape a life of crime by pursuing a career in real estate investment. Despite Chief’s determination to obtain a legitimate career, he encounters many setbacks mostly related to his criminal past, that impedes his progress to accomplishing this goal.

I attended the book signing for Small World Trilogy last weekend at The Last Word Bookstore in Charlotte, North Carolina  where I was able to interview the author, Charlie Simon. I met Charlie a year ago through a film and writing group and at thtime he was finishing up the last two volumes of his book.  When Charlie reached out to me about the book signing I was excited to see the finished product.

payton small world
Amy Nicole with author Charlie Simon

I received the book two days before the interview and I was able to finish reading it in almost a day. From beginning to end it had my attentionif you’re a fan of the show Power you will definitely be a fan!  Most of the characters are young, ambitious entrepreneurs with big aspirations. Each character has their own distinct personality which makes them relatable and the story line very authentic.

The title small world refers to the catchphrase many people use when encountering the same people, events, or situations in an unexpected place. In the book all the characters end up being connected to one another in a way that is either detrimental or beneficial to their livelihood; this gives the novel an interesting and suspenseful twist.

During my interview with Charlie he discussed how he developed his niche for writing, upcoming projects, as well as other authors that inspire him.  Charlie also revealed that Small World Trilogy will soon  be turned into a film and that there will also be another volume on the way. I’m definitely looking forward to both projects!

It was great catching up with Charlie and I wish him much success with his writing career! Watch our interview below:


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