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South Carolina Artist Debuts LiveWire Video



Author: Ashley E.

South Carolina artist Finesse’ recently teamed up with the South Carolina Film Institute in Columbia to produce the music video for his single LiveWire. The 18 year old came to Columbia to attend college at the University of South Carolina and to expand his music career. Believe it or not he has been rapping for almost 10 years and making music for about 3 years.

When asked about the concept of Livewire, Finesse’ described it as a song about reaching your full potential. He stated:

“The message of this song is having fun and enjoying life. The lyrics revolve around my standards of relationships, and time. That youthfulness depicted on the cover art is the innocence I feel we lose so quickly as African Americans growing up and only seeing one option that’s realistic.”

At such a young age he has the mindset of someone much older. When asked about which artists influence him he said the following:

“Influence is a word I don’t hinge on too often. I influence myself, I see that as being the best way to remain original and remember who I am.”

He described Livewire as a sound teaser for what is to come from his second album “OK” which is set to be released in the Spring of 2016. He stated:

“At this time, LiveWire is simply a single. It’s more of a sound teaser at what’s to come from OK. My in-house producer and music partner, Christopher Bacon isn’t afraid to blend notes and chords.”

A line from the song says: “I’m a Livewire, if there’s a problem I could detonate.” He described the meaning of that line:

“When my persona is involved, things go to another level. You don’t call me for a problem if it’s minor. My effort is powerful; there is no length I will not go to.”

You can’t help but to nod your head to the beat as you listen to Livewire. The song takes you back to a simpler time when life was carefree. His sound and message are unique and a contrast to a lot of the mainstream rap music that is out now. Finesse’ has a bright future ahead and we wish him the best of luck with his career.

Check out more about the artist and his work here. Click here to view the video for Livewire


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