Double Standards

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I binge watched the Netflix series “She’s Gotta Have It” a few weeks after it was released and I really enjoyed it!  The series which is a remake of the original Spike Lee’s 1986 film, is about a young woman in her late 20’s named Darla who is living life on her own terms. In the series Darla is casually dating three men and a woman.

After reading many negative comments about the show ( mostly from men), I realized that there is still a huge double standard when it comes to dating among men and women. Men referred to Darla’s character as a hoe or less of a woman because she chose to engage in a sexual relationship with multiple partners.


Most guys are known for having multiple sexual partners but society deems this as justifiable and normal. If a woman decides to do the same thing we are instantly scrutinized. In the series Darla’s partners are all aware that she is dating other people which in my opinion exempts her from “hoe” status. I personally wouldn’t have sex with more than one person at a time but I believe if a person wants to do that, they have that right and shouldn’t be judged.

I personally feel when dating, as long as honest walls of communication are open than dating multiple partners is perfectly fine.

As a woman, I’m happy to see other women starting to rewrite their our own narrative in life especially in regards to dating and relationships.  I just found out that She’s Gotta Have It has been renewed for season 2 and I’m definitely geeked about it!



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