Single And Unbothered

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People ask me why am I single all the time.

“You’re pretty, smart and educated so why don’t you have a man?

Oh you must be crazy?! 

Some people contribute my singleness to being too picky (which I’m definitely not). My response to people concerned with my relationship status is that I’m single by choice and I’m content with it.

Society makes women feel like we have to be married by the age of 25 or a mother before we are 30 because our “biological clocks” are ticking! I think this is why divorce rates are so high. People are rushing to get married without really getting to know the other person because they feel like they have a timeline.

Honestly I’m not in any rush to get in a relationship or get married. When I think about marriage I think about forever and that’s just something I’m not trying to put on a timeline. If I decide to get married I only want to do it once so I’m taking my time, exploring my options, and making sure that whoever I decide to commit myself to will be able to love me unconditionally and vice versa.

Most of the relationships that I’ve been involved in from my past have brought negativity to my life and have broken me down spiritually. During my time of being single I have been able to discover who I am as a person outside of a relationship. I’ve also discovered my self-worth and I will no longer let a man define who I am as a person.

Many people act like being single is a bad thing but it can actually be very beneficial to your life. Right now I’m focused on achieving my goals, having fun and embracing all that life has to offer! If my soulmate happens to find me along the way I’m cool with that and as far as my biological clock goes I’m hitting the snooze button. LOL!



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  2. Yes I agree! I can definitely relate. I love the last part about “hitting the snooze button” LOL. Love it

    1. Thank you for reading! Glad you could relate!

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