Colors Presents: R&B Only

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The traveling music experience known as R& B Only made its way to the Queen City over the weekend. The event presented by Colors was held at The Fillmore in Charlotte. This was our first time attending so we didn’t really know what to expect. Was it a concert? Was it a party? It turned out to be a little bit of both!

We showed up at the perfect time because when we walked through the door the vibe was just right! Regardless if you didn’t know the person standing beside you, when the dj played your favorite R&B jam everyone was vibing  together. The djs did a good job with the r&b mix. They played those classic and nostalgic r&B hits from back in the day, but still kept it current playing  the new tracks. It was a little something for the 80’s, 90’s and 2000 babies. 

The event was r&b only but it got lit for a minute when the dj slipped in a few hip hop tracks and of course a lil Bodak Yellow for the ratchet in all of us. Lol! We got word that there was going to be a surprise music guest, possibly Llyod but that didn’t happen. It was cool though because we still had a good time.

The show was put on by DJ Printz and Color’s founder Jabari Johnson.     






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