Untitled Unmastered


Photo Credit: Rolling Stone

Last week Kendrick Lamar dropped an unannounced album called “Untitled Unmastered”.  The album features 8 untitled tracks showing the dates the songs were recorded. The tracks on the 35 minute album are all live recordings.

I recently had a chance to listen to the album and it sounds like an extension of Lamar’s last project “To Pimp A Butterfly”.  Like most of Kendrick’s music you have to listen to the songs more than once to grasp the underlining message behind the lyrics.  The album features Lamar rapping over up-tempo instrumentals with subtle elements of jazz. He covers topics like political corruption, religion, self-awareness, and spirituality, and he briefly touches on the black lives matter movement.

Overall Untitled Unmastered is consistent with Lamar’s metaphoric artistic sound and is definitely worth the listen.



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