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Author: Ashley E.

They say anything great started off as an idea that was developed and put into action. That was the case for Mississippi native Terrell Winters, aka “Sneakerboxx.” Terrell started collecting sneakers back in 1999 and today owns over 400 pairs, hence the nickname. One day he looked around at his huge collection of shoes and decided he wanted to start making money for himself instead of paying somebody else for their products.

“I wanted to make money for myself so I created my first design which was a refrigerator with the words “Keep em fresh” on it. It was real simple and stupid but dope. I got 24 shirts made and sold each one for $25. I advertised them on social media and they sold out within 2 days.”

Terrell made the decision to turn Sneakerboxx into a business and brand in 2010 and in 2011 he got the brand trademarked. His business focuses on sneakers, screen printing and t-shirts. Early on he decided he wanted to become more self-sufficient so he decided to teach himself how to screen print by watching you-tube videos and by learning from some of his friends who were already in the screen printing business.

In 2012 he decided to take a year off to figure out which direction he wanted to take the brand. During that time he also thought about walking away from the business altogether because he felt like his screen printing skills weren’t improving. Fortunately Terrell stuck with it and his brand has really grown; he has gained consumers and sponsors in various states and he recently added photography to the Sneakerboxx brand. Even though he’s still new in the game, his photography is very polished and it’s hard to tell he hasn’t been shooting for that long. He still has a lot of ideas about how far he wants so take his brand but with consistency and his work ethic the sky is the limit in terms of how far he can go.



We got a chance to get behind his lens and rock his “supplied with dopeness” tee from his line.


Check out more of his work here.



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