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[interludes] cover

[interludes] cover

Revelations turn to revolution..but sh*t somebody gotta start the f*ucking movement…….

Author: Ashley E.

South Carolina native and artist Bowtye dropped his 14 track EP Interludes at the end of last year. I finally got a chance to hear the album in full a few days ago and it gave me eargasms for lack of a better word.  Bowtye who is also a song writer and producer created the perfect blend of music genres on this EP; elements of hip hop and rhythm & blues collide with intergalactic and futuristic sounds. Interludes is definitely a smooth listen, I didn’t skip a track.

I love an artist that can take you on a journey and isn’t afraid to explore diverse topics. He touches on the subject of love in tracks like Time and Dreaming and in the same instance he subliminally drops knowledge in tracks like Hello and Black Creative that makes you tap into your consciousness.

“I don’t wear chains…it’s sad enough that n#ggas that do don’t even share names”

If you like the sounds of Pharell, Ryan Leslie and Kid Cudi then you can definitely vibe to Bowtye. Interludes will elevate and stimulate your mind.

Listen to more sounds by the artist here.

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