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The Perfect Guy Was Far From A Perfect Movie

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Author: The Double Scoop

I know we’re really late with this review but we finally got around to seeing The Perfect Guy last weekend.  The movie definitely didn’t live up to the hype portrayed in the film’s trailers. We set our expectations too high and were highly disappointed.

When the movie trailer for “The Perfect Guy” dropped four months ago we like most other women were raging with anticipation to see the forthcoming thriller which would star two of Hollywood’s most handsome black, leading men and the beautiful Sanaa Lathan.  Blinded by the sexiness of Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut most of us overlooked the predictability in the trailer which showed the typical fatal attraction scenario.

Usually the first ten minutes of a film sets the tone of whether you will love or hate a movie so 10 minutes into watching The Perfect Guy we became a little worried that the film might fall into our dislike category.

The elevator background music along with the cringe worthy, corny dialogue made us feel as though we were watching a Lifetime movie. In one particular scene Lathan’s character (Leah) was being harassed at a bar by a guy who approached her with the line, “give me 3 good reasons why I shouldn’t buy you a drink.” Who says that? Definitely not a realistic or charming pick up line!

The main focus of the movie was on Ealy’s character(Carter), who is supposedly the ideal perfect man.  Although very attractive, Ealy’s character didn’t deliver much charisma. We actually found his character to be boring, a little creepy and robotic. We also felt that there wasn’t authentic chemistry between Leah and Carter to make them fall so hard for each other the way that they did. The rushed romance wasn’t believable. Although not very personable, Ealy’s character did however have the role of deranged stalker down packed with his piercing eyes, and emotionless murders.

We felt the way the police handled Leah’s initial stalker complaint was also unrealistic (or it could be us not being familiar with police protocols); the cops basically told her they couldn’t help her unless she was in the act of being killed!

Though most of the film was predictable the death of Leah’s boyfriend Dave definitely caught us off guard. We were hoping that Leah would at least be left with some type of happiness.  After all her neighbor was murdered and a sex video of her was emailed to hundreds of people associated with the company she worked for causing her to get suspended from her job.

The best part of the movie was the eye candy, other than that The Perfect Guy was definitely not the perfect movie.

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  1. Yoo, the police joint is kind of true though i know a couple females have that problem and police say they cant do anything till there is a real “threat” i would just stream em movies suck though.

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