Elevating The Culture

Elevating The Culture

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With all the turmoil going on in today’s society it’s easy to find yourself feeling overwhelmed or depressed.  Lately I’ve been asking myself what am I doing to make a positive impact in society especially within my culture. 

A few weeks ago my sister and I were discussing our business and brainstorming  ways that we can expand our brand. If you follow our blog you know that our business primarily focuses on film, music and lifestyle. We are very passionate about writing and we love the arts which is why we decided to start our company over two years ago.

Although we love what we do it’s hard for us to watch or read the news without asking ourselves, what is our business doing to improve the lives of others?  I believe it’s wonderful to have a great career that you enjoy but when it’s all said and done what type of impact will you have made on the lives of others.

Les Brown is one of my favorite motivational speakers; I listen to one of his lectures almost every day. In one of his speeches he said that outside of what we do for a living we should find something that we enjoy doing that will benefit others.

Over the last few weeks we have revamped our content to focus a lot more on entrepreneurship and highlighting indie artists and creatives on the rise.  At the end of the month we will be premiering a new web show which will focus on similar content. Our goal is to create a platform for individuals making positive impacts in their communities to be able to  showcase their work and talent.

Although what we are doing might seem very small compared to what other people may be doing  it’s a way for us to elevate the culture in our own way.


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