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Xscape Reunites for Upcoming Biopic

Xscape Reunites for Upcoming Biopic

Photo Credit: AJC

If you are a fan of 90s R&B music I’m pretty sure that the group Xscape was somewhere on your playlist. As a kid growing up in the 90s I loved Xscape’s music. They had the most beautiful vocals and harmony.

The group recently announced that they will be reuniting for a performance at the 2017 Essence Music Festival in New Orleans this summer. This will be their first time performing together in over 15 years. Tiny and Kandi revealed to Essence that their decision to reunite was sparked when they discovered that an unauthorized biopic was being produced about them. They didn’t want someone else telling their story so they decided to come together so they could tell their own truth.

Xscape will be working with VH1 powerhouse Mona Scott Young on the production of the biopic. They will also be releasing a docuseries under Mona’s entertainment company that will give fans a behind-the-scenes look of the members coming back together for the reunion.  

The biopic is scheduled to be released next year commemorating the group’s 25th anniversary of their first hit single release “Just Kickin It”.    The group have not announced a reunion tour or details about a new album, but they will be releasing new music for the biopic.

I love music biopics so I’m excited to see the film! Welcome back ladies, you all look and sound amazing!

Check out the video of Xscape discussing their reunion below.


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