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“Loving” Tells The Story Of Forbidden Love

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Interracial marriages are so common these days that you forget at one point in time they were actually illegal.

The film Loving is based on the true story of interracial couple Richard and Mildred Loving who were married in 1958. The couple spent nine years fighting for their right to live as a family in the state of Virginia. Richard Loving was arrested and  sentenced to a year in prison because their marriage was a violation of the Racial Integrity Act of 1924, which prohibited marriage between black and white people. The Supreme Court eventually declared the prohibition to be unconstitutional, ending all race based legal restrictions on marriage in the United States. 

The film stars Joel Edgerton as Richard Loving and Ruth Negga as Mildred Loving. Loving was written and directed by Jeff Nichols; It will open in select theaters on November 04, 2016.

It’s hard to believe that people were denied the right to love simply because of their skin color!  I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie!

Check out the trailer below:


Check out this interview 1967 interview from Richard and Mildred Loving.






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