I Forgot To Live In The Moment

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Life shifts so quickly from one moment to the next and at times even though we may be present in the moment, we may not be living in the moment. Social media doesn’t help with this because we are so busy trying to capture our life through photos or videos that we are actually robbed of really enjoying that time.

A few days ago I was looking at old pictures on my phone and I came across one of me and my sisters at the beach in Destin, Florida from two years ago. I laughed looking at the photo because I remember asking my brother’s girlfriend to take the picture of us literally like 20 times so that I could post the perfect picture on Instagram.

Looking back on that moment I realize how much I was missing out on making a great memory with my sisters instead of being focused on a picture that we don’t even look at anymore. That was actually the case for most of the pictures in my photo library and I thought about how many moments in life  I actually missed out on.  Another issue that I have that prevents me from living in the moment is being a compulsive thinker LOL!  Even when I’m out having a good time I either find myself dwelling on situations that have happened in the past or I worry about things that I have to do in the future which causes me not to be present in the moment.

Over the last two to three years I’ve either lost a family member or someone that I know has lost someone close to them. This has definitely changed my outlook on life a lot. Death always puts life back into perspective because it makes you realize just how temporary and short life can be and it also makes you appreciate every day that you have to be alive.

Aside from the promotion of my blog I don’t share too much of my personal life on social media anymore and I’m enjoying life so much better now. Life is nothing but moments in time and I want to really enjoy these moments while I still have my family and friends around and while I have the opportunity to do so!







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