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Power has become one of my favorite shows on television. The show is so unpredictable and it’s packed with suspense, action, and drama!  When season two ended viewers were left with several cliffhangers. Ghost and Tommy seemed to have ended their friendship and the biggest surprise of the season was the revelation that Kanan had survived the basement fire.

In season 3 Ghost and Angela decide to take their relationship to the next level by moving in together but they both struggle with trusting one another because of their lifestyle differences.  Ghosts’ relationship with Angela causes a riff in his family which creates tension between him and Tasha. It also causes his son Tariq to develop animosity towards him. Because of Ghosts’ absence in the household Tariq begins to act out at school and is disrespectful towards Tasha.

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Kanan takes advantage of Ghosts’ damaged relationship with Tariq by stepping into his life as a sort of father figure and exposing him to criminal behavior.  The return of Kanan puts Dre in a tough situation because he works for Ghost but Kenan still demands his loyalty.

(Sidebar) As much as I would love to see Ghost work things out with Tasha I think she deserves better than him.  What woman would be eager to take back a husband who left his family to pursue a relationship with his high school sweetheart!? But on the other hand I try to keep in mind that Tasha was not supportive of Ghost getting out of the drug business.

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I think the biggest question on everyone’s mind for season 3 was whether or not Tommy and Ghost would be able to reconcile their friendship. Tommy doesn’t want to let the drug business go but Ghost is adamant about leaving the game for good which causes major conflict in their relationship.

After Tommy discovered that Ghost tried to pay Holly off to leave town it seems as though their friendship would totally be destroyed. The loyalty of their friendship was tested when Lobos ordered Tommy to kill Ghost. Tommy however when presented with the opportunity to kill him couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger on a childhood friend that he considers to be a brother.

Because of Tommy’s slow response to getting the job done Holly takes action into her own hands by paying someone else to kill him. When Tommy discovers what Holly has done he chokes her to death in a fit of rage without knowing that she was carrying his child. Ghost helps Tommy get rid of her body reconciling their friendship and the two decide to work together to take down Lobos.

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Ghost finds out the transportation route for Lobos which allows him and Tommy the opportunity to take him out. The murder of Lobos causes an investigation into the police taskforce where Angela works prompting an internal search by detectives to discover who in the company leaked Lobos’ whereabouts.

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Agent Greg Knox spends the majority of the season compiling evidence to incriminate Angela as the leak and Ghost as the killer.  After Greg has all the evidence to convict Ghost he arranges a meeting with Agent Mike Sandoval to share his new found knowledge about the Lobos case. During their meeting Greg receives a phone call from Mexican county authorities which makes him realize that agent Sandoval is actually the leak.  Greg confronts Sandoval about being the leak which ends in Greg being shot and killed. (Dang I was annoyed by Greg’s interference in the case but I hated to see him go out like that!)

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It looked as if Ghost would finally be able to get out of the drug game until he realizes that his security guard Milan is a drug dealer for a Serbian gang. Milan coerces Tommy and Ghost to sell drugs for him otherwise he threatens to harm their families. (Although I love the bad boy drug-dealing side of Ghost I also sympathize with him because I know how badly he wants to live a life free from crime).

Fortunately with the help of Dre, Ghost and Tommy are able to take out Milan and his crew freeing them of his control. However little does Ghost know Tommy is secretly taking over the Serbian drug supply and plans to sell drugs in his club.

Things seem to be smooth sailing for Ghost by this point; his upscale event for Truth is a success and he manages to reclaim the club partnership with Karen.  It looks like Ghost will get his opportunity to start a brand new life until Angela shows up at the club and surprises him with handcuffs and charges him for the murder of Greg.

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One huge mystery this season left us with is the whereabouts of Keisha! The season ended without any kind of indication of what happened to her. Tasha convinced Keisha to work with her so she could help expand her hair salon as a way to bring in more of a profit for the both them. In actuality,Tasha was using the salon as a way to clean Ghost and Tommy’s “dirty money” from the drug business; similar to how they used the laundromats. After overhearing a conversation between Tasha and  Milan, Keisha finds out the truth and feels hurt and betrayed that her best friend Tasha would lie and involve her into that type of situation. Milan tells Tommy that Keisha needs to go “bye bye” and the last we saw of her was Tommy walking into her empty salon at the end of the night. It left viewers wondering did Tommy cancel Christmas on Keisha or did he pay her off to leave the area.

The season ends with Tasha receiving a photo of Tariq unconscious with Kanans’ burned arm around him. Obviously this is a warning sign to Ghost that Kenan is back with a vengeance. Season 3 was definitely epic! The writing is amazing and I’m so looking forward to what season 4 has in store! What did you guys think of the season 3 finale?



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