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Dolla Black’s “All Day” Gets Picked Up By ESPN

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Almost every aspiring artist lives for the moment they see their hard work and sacrifice pay off. That was the case recently for Jackson, Mississippi rap artist Dolla Black. His single “All Day” which was produced by Super Jay was licensed for use by ESPN. The single is a high energy summer track that makes you just want to have a good time. I caught up with Dolla for a quick interview about the exciting experience and opportunity.


Ashley E: How did you and Super Jay end up collaborating?

DB: Super Jay and I met through our management having ties and being really good friends.  We both have been around and/or with the same managers for about the same amount of time so it was bound to happen at some point.  Jay came in town one week and his manager reached out to me to see if I was free to be able to come and meet Jay for the first time, and the rest is practically history! #AllDay lol!


Ashley E: Tell us a little bit about the single “All Day.”

DB: Well, Super Jay had the concept prior to us going through tracks to attempt to create something.  He had the chant down and the instrumental, and told me how crazy and high energy he thought it would be.  We lingered around it and ended up going to a different record that we were going to attempt to complete, but it just seemed like we kept talking about and playing the instrumental for All Day.  So we came to the agreement to focus on that as the record of that day. Crazy how it came out and the ground that it’s covering.


Ashley E: How did you find out that your single was licensed by ESPN and what was your reaction?

DB: I found out via text message from the management team that the record was being licensed by ESPN, and to be honest, I was, and still am in disbelief.  I mean, this is the station that I grew up watching, still watching to this day! And to know that I have music being played on that station is a dream come true! Back in my basketball days, I would always say that I would one day be on ESPN …. and how crazy it feels to be true, but in a different way than I imagined! Then to later be picked up by Sports-center??  Amazingly humbled, and ecstatic all in one is still my reaction.


We met Dolla for the first time a few months ago when he was a guest on our podcast, and right off the top we were drawn to his charismatic personality. His dedication and passion for his music was evident so I’m glad to see him reach such a huge career milestone. Much love and continued success to you Dolla!

For more information about Dolla Black visit his site.

Check out “All Day” below



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