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Mississippi native L Sherie Dean stumbled upon her passion as a joke. Known among her family and friends as the “go to girl” for information about people and events in her city, she decided to turn her love for media promotion into a business. Shortly after “The L Sherie Alert” was born. I caught up with Sherie for a brief interview to learn more about her business and the face behind the brand.


Ashley E:  For those who aren’t familiar, how would you describe The LSherie Alert?

LS: The LSherie Alert (TLSA) is a positive media site built on true networking and support for businesses and individuals. TLSA includes celebrity exclusives, features with every day people making powerful positive impacts on their communities, music spotlights by independent artists and a network of businesses and individuals sharing their passions.

Ashley E: What do you think distinguishes the LSherie Alert from other blogs?

LS: I believe that constantly shining light on the good will overshadow the bad. People are tired of negativity. They want something good to pull from and that’s what offers.  The LSherie Alert is also a place to learn about people all over the country making things happen right in their communities. It’s a melting pot of inspiration, motivation, entrepreneurial platforms, music and community.

Ashley E: I read that you started your site as a joke. How does it feel to turn nothing into something?

LS: Yes! You know how sometimes you kinda put your foot in your mouth? Well, that’s exactly what happened. I never thought one minute that playing around on Facebook would open Pandora’s Box.

It’s a great feeling to be able to turn nothing into something, but if you think about it… it was never “nothing.”  We are all equipped with so much talent, gifts and just destined to do great things.  Sometimes the problem is being able to channel it.  Other times we’re too busy following what society deems as being successful instead of looking within to create our own success that we miss the opportunity.  And that’s one thing that I am so grateful I did not do.  I saw an opportunity. I brought in my talents and just went for it.

Ashley E:  At the end of I believe 2014 I read an article that you wrote on your site about being unemployed for 9 months. It was very inspiring and relatable. I don’t know if you remember but I actually wrote you on Facebook to let you know how your story touched me because at the time I was dealing with a situation very similar and it gave me some hope and motivation to keep pushing. You actually responded back with a voice message on Facebook and I appreciated you for taking the time to do that. Do you feel like obstacles and challenges are sometimes necessary to get us to a certain point?

LS: YES!!! I remember. Now see you almost made me cry.  You have no idea how your message and the messages from many others gave me so much joy.  It was hard to share that truth. To put my vulnerable moments out for the world to see.  Definitely scary, but I knew deep down that my courage to do so, would inspire and possibly motivate someone else…even if that meant just one person.

That was a very stressful time in my life.  I remember thinking back to my college days at Jackson State and how I was told that I would do great things.  I won awards.  I was president of an organization. I was so involved and connected to the community, and yet here I am unemployed and freaking out.

It was hard and literally brought me to my knees. People say being prideful is a bad thing, but honestly I think it helped me a bit. It forced me to create more and demand more of myself to make my business work.  I mean really… how was I going to talk about being positive and making things happen if I was starting to feel like none of that stuff applied to me? I would be a hypocrite and that kind of damage would push me into depression.

From that one, small dramatic time in my life, I understood that God had to take me out of something to build me up for something much greater. So I definitely agree that challenges are put in front of us to prepare us.  How else will we know we can handle what’s to come?

Ashley E:  What advice do you have for anyone that is interested in your type of work in terms of how to get started and how can they become successful at it?

LS:   Success does not happen overnight.  It takes a strong will to push your limits.  Study from those who are great and continue studying.  Keep up with the ever-growing industry.  Find a mentor… and I don’t mean just anybody posting random information on a blog site. Learn what attracts people and what keeps them coming back.  Most importantly, stay true to YOU.

Ashley E:  How far do you want to take The LSherie Alert (expansion wise)?

LS: I expect to take The LSherie Alert as far as God will allow. He gave me the vision to build it and like all businesses there comes a time for transition.  I have big dreams to launch a business and community stipend program.

Check out more about Sherie and The LSherie Alert here.

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