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Tough Love

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In case you haven’t noticed, web series seem to be taking over the internet. With many people complaining about the lack of quality content on television, several aspiring writers, directors and producers are taking matters into their own hands by creating content that most viewers want to see.  With a small budget and a small team Caleb Davis, Roni Simpson, Brian Scott and Will Rosati came together to create a new web series called Tough Love.

The show premiered on the web last month and it already has a pretty large following of viewers. Tough Love centers around the lives of six young professionals who are all friends living in New York City. The show takes viewers on a journey through each individual’s life as they deal with the challenges that come along with relationships, dating and being in love. It also focuses on the dynamics of real friendships and people just living their everyday lives which makes the show very relatable. Throughout the show the friends secretly agree to visit a therapist named Sydney who interviews them to get their input on the statistics of heterosexual dating and relationships. In exchange for seeing the therapist they get paid for their opinions. They each get very personal with Sydney as they open up about their secrets and experiences with one another.

The main characters of the show are Quincy, Alicia, Jackson, Jordan, Monica and Darius.

Quincy and Alicia are the long term couple that have been together since their college days. They’ve had their ups and downs over the years but the love they have for each other keeps them going strong. They may seem to be perfect from the outside looking in but like most couples they have their fair share of problems and secrets.

Jordan is the epitome of an independent single woman. She doesn’t want a man and lets it be known she doesn’t need a man unless it’s just to have fun. Due to her being hurt in the past she puts a wall up and makes it almost impossible for any man to get close to her.

Monica is the sweet, intelligent and sometimes naïve young woman who falls victim to giving her all to a man who is only giving her half because he is too busy juggling multiple woman and can’t fully commit to her.

Darius is Monica’s weakness. He is the guy that can’t commit because he loves running through women. He unexpectedly falls for Monica but even though his feelings for her are strong, his desire for other women is stronger.

Jackson is the bachelor that has it all: looks, success and charm. He has no desire to settle down because he has so many options of women to choose from. He also doesn’t have a problem letting the women involved with him know they are disposable. He goes through many women until he meets his match and she is more than what he bargained for.

The first episode didn’t completely draw me in but after the second episode I was intrigued and wanted to know more about these characters and how their stories would unfold. The show is very relatable and I think most people can find pieces of themselves within each character. I look forward to what’s to come and the possible drama of what would happen if their shared experiences with the therapist got out to the public or each other. It’s definitely a show worth watching and supporting.

Check out the trailer below and learn more about the team and cast of the show here.

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