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Although Empire is still the most watched show on Fox there is no denying the drastic drop in ratings.  Season one was engaging and suspenseful and kept viewers looking forward to a new episode each week. In season 2 it seems as though the director and writers are folding under pressure to maintain the same level of success. With the excessive use of celebrity appearances and unnecessary, explicit sex scenes it seems as though the show is more focused on shock value rather than quality content.

Despite the criticism of the show I was a fan of season one but I can’t say the same about this season. The music of the show is still dope but there isn’t enough creative content to keep me engaged.  At times it even feels like I’m watching a bad urban soap opera. The writers also seem confused about which direction they want to take the characters. One character in particular is Anika. In season one Anika was beautiful, independent and headstrong.  This season after cutting ties with Empire she engages in a sexual relationship with Lucious’ youngest son Hakeem which causes her to become overly obsessed with him. The show even reveals that she is pregnant by him.  In my opinion this character change just doesn’t quite flow well with the show.

I will say that the winter finale did do a great job with leaving viewers in a state of suspense. When the show ended Andre’s pregnant wife Rhonda is pushed down the stairs and Luscious loses his Empire estate.

Empire resumes March 30 , 2016.  Will you be tuning in?


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