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If you’re a single female I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Let The Man Do The Chasing!” For many years I believed this to be true and thought that it was the man’s responsibility to pursue a woman, now my view point on approaching men has changed for many reasons.

One reason in particular is that women out number men, which means that men have plenty more options when it comes to choosing a partner. Ladies you could possibly be a great catch, you can have a great job, good credit, be very attractive and educated but for each one of you there are 20 more women just like you for each single man.

I was having a discussion about dating with my sister and we were talking about how most women usually don’t approach guys unless they initiate conversation with us first. My motto used to be that if a guy was really interested in me that he would make the first move. If you’re a woman that agrees with this statement have you ever thought that maybe a guy didn’t approach you because he was shy or fearful of rejection? Just like us women don’t want to face rejection men certainly don’t either.

I’ve actually initated dates with guys before and I have had pretty good experiences. Most of the guys were glad that I approached them and were enthused that I showed initiative. Surprisingly when I asked them if they would have approached me first some of them said no because they figured I was already taken or wouldn’t be interested.

In today’s society the rules of dating are changing and I don’t think there is anything wrong with women going after what they want. I commend women who want to wait on what they consider to be the “right guy” but from my own personal experience you could definitely be missing out on meeting a really great guy just because you are unwilling to take a chance.

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  1. No, if he isn’t a holy man following the laws, statues and commandments and vice vers

  2. Very well said. It would seem to me that a man would APPRECIATE being asked out, that way knowing that the young lady REALLY wanted to go. It would be a PLEASURE to treat her to a special dinner!

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