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Empire Season Finale Leaves Fans Eager For More



Author: The Double Scoop

Many people are suffering from withdrawals on Wednesday nights since the first season of Empire has come to an end. Whether you love the show or hate it people can’t stop talking about it. Over 16 million viewers tuned in to watch Empire’s season finale according to Nielsen, and the show is already set for a second season.

The two hour season finale was packed with so much fast paced drama and suspense that viewers didn’t have time to process everything. When you’re competing for money and power even your family and closest friends will become your enemies; there was a lot of backstabbing, jealousy, deceit and manipulation. Lucious found himself all alone from burning so many bridges with people close to him, but he fell back into good graces with Jamal (his least favorite son) and in turn Lucious gave him the key to the empire. Out of spite Andre and Hakeem are ready to see Lucious head to an early grave and even his most loyal supporter Cookie has a change of heart about Lucious after she discovers he is the one that killed her cousin Bunkie. When Lucious finds out that Cookie has been giving her “cookies” away to one of his top security officers (Derek Luke), he banishes her from the company that she helped build. The tables turn when Lucious is informed that he was misdiagnosed with ALS but before he can celebrate the good news he is arrested for the murder of Bunkie. Ironically the key witness to the murder (Vernon) is killed accidently by Andre’s wife.

Lee Daniels, one of the creators behind Empire has come under attack by some who criticize the show for promoting a negative stereotypical image of black people. The show gives viewers a peek into the dark side of the music industry; it shows how money, temptation and greed can destroy a family, and it also shows how hard an artist must fight to stay relevant and current in an ever changing industry. Aside from music the show also highlights topics such as homophobia and mental illness.  In contrast to the negative criticism of the show, Empire shows a black man rise out of poverty to establish a successful million dollar company and in turn he has established something that he owns and can pass down for generations to come. The show also provides a platform for a diverse and talented black cast.



  1. The only reason Lucious gave Jamal the key to Empire is because Jamal is the only that he knew he could still persuade to be on his side. The one thing Jamal has been fighting for is his father’s love so it didn’t take much to get Jamal to side with Lucious. I love Empire and all the critics need to have a few seats. It’s entertainment and anyone that allows ‘entertainment’ to influence the way they view a particular race is too freakin gullible and ignorant.

    1. Yes I definitely feel Lucious has an ulterior motive by giving Jamal the key. And everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I love the show too and I don’t feel by watching it I’m being “brainwashed” or accepting a label that society has placed on me. These people are playing characters that are someone’s reality. Some people out there might see a representation of themselves because they can relate to that lifestyle. It’s not my reality and I don’t feel like it is a representation of me or the “black race” as a whole.

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