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When I tell guys that I’m abstinent the most common response that I receive is, “How do you do it!?” 

No, I’m not a virgin but believe it or not sex is something that I really don’t have a strong desire for. To be quite honest a large part of it is due to the fact that I’ve never just had great sex!  When I talk to other women about my lack of good sex they look at me in pity. The most common response that I receive is, “Girl I feel so bad for you! I love sex!”  Men on the other hand take my predicament as a challenge in hopes of being the guy that will make me change my mind.

I’ve gone months, even years without having sex and when I finally give in to the temptation the experience just isn’t worth it and the moment isn’t very memorable. One issue that I might be having is that most of my sexual experiences have been more on the casual side. Not that I’m going around having one night stands but I haven’t been in a relationship in a while so most of the guys that I end up having sex with are just guys that I’m randomly dating. The older that I get I’m definitely realizing that I’m not a casual sex type of person. I know most guys can have sex with a woman and forget about her the next day, but with me I feel like if I’m having sex with you I’m giving you a part of me, and that’s not something I want to share so freely.

I spoke with a lot of guys regarding the subject of sex and the consensus of most men under the age of 40 is that sex is definitely a deal breaker in a relationship. When I asked guys if they would date a female who was choosing to be abstinent most either said no or that they would date her but would definitely be getting sex from someone else on the side.

When I asked women how important sex is in a relationship most of them said it was important but that they were willing to compromise having great sex in exchange for a great guy with a good personality. Most women who are in a good relationship, said that they have faked having an orgasm to stroke their man’s ego.

I’m not saying that I’m going to wait until I get married to have sex again but I do want to have a deep connection with the next person. Some people might call it old fashioned but to me it simplifies things so much. Sex in a way complicates relationships because it makes you feel like you are so attached to this person but in reality you are really not.  From a biblical perspective when you have sex with someone it causes a soul tie which makes it hard to break away from them.  A perfect example of this are couples who fight all the time but they stay together because the sex is good.

My advice to any single person practicing abstinence is to set your boundaries. If you tell a person you’re abstinent and they still try to pursue you sexually you should cut that relationship off immediately because they obviously don’t respect you. You can tell when a person is genuinely interested in you because they will actually take the time to get to know you without rushing things. Also don’t let people intimidate you. I’ve been told by other women that the right man may not wait around for me but I believe if a person is right for you, you won’t have to compromise your morals or standards to be with them.



  1. I honestly can’t say I haven’t had great sex, because I have so I know exactly what I’m missing. But I’ve been abstinent for almost 5 years now. My reason is because the last time I had sex I felt so empty because I knew that it meant nothing to him. I realized that it’s impossible for me to have emotionless sex and made a promise to myself that the next time I had sex would be with the person I would be with for the rest of my life.

    1. Thanks for sharing! I’m the same way, I just feel so empty when I have no feelings for the person.

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